Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Worm

Ever since I graduated with my bachelor's degree (spring of 2012) I recommitted to reading for pleasure. I especially started reading much more this summer. I've particularly been interested in reading the "classics." I've been wanting to read those older or timeless types of books that everyone has read (except for me).

Here are a few of my favorites that I've read lately:

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
I was so surprised with how much I enjoyed this book. It is huge and I was not even sure I'd be motivated enough to finish reading it. But I could NOT put it down!! There were so many details and different storylines that went into this story. There were times when I wanted to smack Scarlet back to No Man's Land because of her pride and hurtfulness. And there were times when I wanted to hug her because of her loyalty. I came to love Scarlet and enjoyed watching her overcome her pride and find love. I heard there was a sequel and I need to read it to see what happens to Scarlet and her search for love and a future!!

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
This was another surprise - big time. I was so confused at the beginning and thought it was going to be a ghost story or something. But I loved reading about how Jane grew and learned about herself through all her hardship and trials. I also enjoyed seeing the love grow between Jane and Mr. Rochester. Part of what I love about love stories is the people learning to overcome their pride and show their love. (See a pattern here?) Plus, there are some other very spooky details that added another dimension throughout the story.

Emma by Jane Austen
Now, this is one that I was surprised I did not like very much. It is a similar style to Jane Eyre, and it's an old-timey love story. Those are things I loved about Jane Eyre. Not to mention how crazy people are about Jane Austen. But I couldn't really love the characters. I don't know if I just couldn't relate very well, or if I just didn't like the story. But good for a mushy love triangle story, for sure.

I have also been reading a few religious historical fiction novels. I've really enjoyed them because they help me put the story lines together and keep things straight in my mind when I can picture things through novel-form. (Is that a thing?) I'll write about a few of them another time.

Bottom line: I mostly read these books to cross them off a list of things I really wanted to do. Just to say I did it. And I ended up finding some new favorite books that I will hopefully buy soon for my personal library. Plus, reading rocks. There is nothing like getting caught up in another story of someone's life and wondering where their mind will take you.

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  1. Wow! I too will get around to reading those "classics" one of these days. Russ bought me a set a few years back and they still have yet to be anything but a decoration :) I tried a Jane Austen book once and just couldn't get into it. I prefer watching all of the BBC series they make of her stories :)


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