Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Today we are celebrating our FIVE YEAR anniversary! It is so insane and I cannot believe it has been this long! For our actual anniversary we went and saw Grown Ups 2. It was stupid and we loved it. So there ya go!

But this post is going to go over the trip we took to Cedar City for our 5th Anniversary. We decided since it was our 5th we should do something a little different than just the one night away. We decided to go the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City. We both enjoy theatre and thought it would be great.

And we're off!

Pretty much I was obsessed with the beautiful-ness on the drive down.
(These pictures are all natural and not edited at all.)

The first show we saw was Peter and the Starcatcher. Cool set, huh? Except those ships were just the places where the sound effect/music people were. It was a cute show that is based on a novel. The performers were incredible. But it wasn't my favorite show in the world. Just not my favorite type of theatre.

Right before our next show, we went to the Green Show. It was cute to see some performers in those costumes. And it was nice to be outside. Kind of a silly show.

Later that night we saw Anything Goes. I have seen this show before and I really enjoy the music, dancing, and fun story. And these performers were amazing as well! And believe it or not, I didn't realize how many different shows are all in the same places. This stage is the same stage as what we saw earlier in the afternoon. I can't imagine the work they go through immediately after shows are finished to get things ready for the next show. But I loved this show! I really enjoy the stereotypical, classic type of theatre.

We found a fun, local BBQ place. PS-We reeeeally love BBQ. And it was yummy. Other than this place, we really couldn't find another local place we found appealing. It made me sad, but it was fine. Applebee's treated us well. ;)

Here were some statues that were around the theatre where we saw our shows.
King Leer/Lear? I can't remember
The man this is all for.

The second day of our trip we visited St. George. We had never been to that temple. We have a tradition to do sealings in the temple on our anniversary. Since we were only about an hour away from St. George, we decided to go there.
My artsy picture of the temple.
Luckily there was a wedding photographer waiting for his people to come out, so he kindly took our picture for us. Yesss.

When we got home we were going to go on a scenic drive in the Canyon Breaks National Park. Well, on the way up to the park, we got these amazing pictures. It was mostly in the Dixie National Forest. The drive through there was super scenic anyway. And before we even got there, it was twisty-turny enough for me to feel sick. So we just turned around and enjoyed these pictures.
This picture was partially accidental. And it turned out beautifully!

Steve's smile looks funky here, but it's still cute.
Well it was a lovely anniversary. And I'm so glad we got to spend the weekend together. Happy FIVE YEARS to my hubby! And here is to the rest of eternity!!

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