Monday, July 29, 2013

The time that I ...

This is the story of the time that I got run over by some random teenager on the 4th of July.

I thought since it's still July it would be a good time to share this story. A group of people (I think it was just me, Steve, Steve's sister Mary, and Mary's friend) went to our local high school to watch the Fourth of July fireworks. We got there a few hours before they started because it was still light at the time.

We were minding our own business and playing a card game. Keep in mind that the football field where we were was pretty full. Many people come, bring blankets, games, snacks, and hang out with friends until the fireworks start. Some people bring frisbees or footballs to throw around...and that's fine. Usually the back of the field doesn't fill up until later, so there is plenty of space for that.

But this particular moment in time included two teenage boys who obviously did not understand the concept of space and how it works when throwing a frisbee around. Me and my three friends are sitting in a circle playing a game, and suddenly Mary looks up and starts to say something like, "watch out" when I feel a giant being crumple on top of me from behind. It was one of those teenage boys. Apparently he was running backwards and didn't notice the giant group of nearly 100 people sitting behind him. His foot ran right into the kidney area on my back, which hurt like none other.

The boy simply got up and said a quick "sorry" and ran off to continue playing. Ummmm OW. That hurt a lot. You just ran over me. Not just bumped into me. But you ran over me. And you can only mutter a tiny "sorry"??!! I was super miffed. Now I can laugh at it and imagine how ridiculous it probably looked from someone else's point of view. I had a bruise on my back that was the size of a gourd for a few weeks. And it turned all kinds of fun colors. Ouch.

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