Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let there be light!

And Steve said, "Let there be light!" ... in the dining room!!!

When we moved into the house a little more than a year ago, there was no light in the living room. That's pretty average for most homes. But there was also no light in the dining area that is just off the living room. There was a ceiling fan, but no light. What? Am I supposed to eat dinner in the dark?? It always irked me -- even though it's really not that big of a deal.

When we painted the living area, we went out and picked up a light to attach to the ceiling fan from Lowe's. We fiiinally got around to attaching it. We Steve were a little unsure about it because we are not very handy in our household. We try really hard. And it turns out good probably about 60% of the time. So we were nervous about our first encounter with electrical DIYing.

But here is my handsome handyman:

And it worked!!! Steve was very excited that it worked and was so uneventful. (Read: we didn't burn the house down.)

Here is a close-up:

What? You noticed that the two brass finishes don't match? Actually you can't tell that much in this picture. But the brass on the fan part and brass on the light part are different. We knew we wouldn't get an exact match. So we were glad we had painted the fan blades. Now it's just a quirky little fan that we can replace whenever we have a little extra cash. (Read: Whenever we have a little extra cash -- in many, many years.)

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have light somewhere in our living area! Now I can actually read my music when I play piano. (Major plus!) I love the light, no matter how funky our fan looks.

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  1. Your house is looking really cute! You guys have sure been busy!


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