Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scout Camp

Steve got to go to Scout Camp with our ward's scout troop this year. Double whammy considering we just went on Trek a few weeks ago!! He really enjoyed himself and they camped in a beautiful area. He said it was up above Yellowstone, so it was in the 70s-ish the whole week. Well, that's nice, while I was roasting in our 90 degree weather. 

Steve's lovely view from the campground

The troop needed to do a service project while they were there. They decided to improve the camp's axe yard. Here is the before:

They made a nice little kindling pile-area, and put up the poles and strings for drying lines, and left a little door to enter. It was a major improvement. Here is the after:

Well, even though I had to sleep alone all week (which is rough!!) I'm glad he went. He had quite a few of these lovely pictures to show me. I love clouds. Looking at the wonders of our world really reminds me of what our Father in Heaven has given us to enjoy.

Take a moment today to count your blessings. :)

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