Saturday, July 6, 2013

I ain't lion about these crocheted cuties

Are you kidding me with how stinkin' cute this guy is? No, I ain't lion. :) I feel so clever that I thought of that right when I finished this. 

Sorry for the bad quality pictures - these are all from my phone because I have temporarily misplaced my real camera in all the Trek unpacking mess. Whoops.

We have appropriately named our new friend Aslan.
Got this awesome, free pattern from Amigurumi To Go, in the Little Bigfoot patterns.
It was designed by Sharon Ojala and Melissa Trenado.

Here is a darker version (not racist ;)) of the elephant. This was for my friend who will be visiting a niece soon. I added that cute little bow to make it look a little girlie-er. I call her Ellie.
Once again, I got this free pattern from

Now, here is the story of this next yarn. My cousins recently had a baby girl. They are fans of the Chicago Bears. So when I saw this Bears-colored yarn, I had to get it to try and make something for their new little one. I thought a hat would be really cute for game nights and stuff. So I tried to make this one baby hat that I have made many times before. But with each round, it wasn't looking like a hat ... just a big flat circle. I don't know what is up with that yarn, but it didn't stretch right and it wasn't shaping right.
So I thought maybe a blanket would be cute. Oh wait, I already made a blanket for them. Then I thought about a scarf - but I wanted it to be for the baby. I don't think I've ever seen an infant wearing a scarf.

So that yarn sat in my stash for a long time - hoping I would suddenly see something online or in a store that I could use that yarn for. Well that day finally came! I was looking through one of my favorite crocheting blogs ( and found a cute little bib. She had seen the free bib pattern from another blog ( I followed that pattern and it turned out quite lovely. And the two-colored yarn kind of made its own stripes - which was faaaantastic!!!

So here is my Bears-colored bib. Super cute. I just need to add my button and I can send it away to my cousins' new baby girl.
Seen originally on

I love crocheting. It's relaxing, but I can see quick results. Perfect for my down-time, but my need to have a quick project with good end results. Shaweeeeet!!!

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