Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Craft Room organization progress

I came home from work yesterday and I was motivated to organize something! I loooove when that happens! If you remember my last post about this craft room, then you know that it was a giant mess. It honestly doesn't look much different. Much of what I organized today was in a closet and just going through what I had and purging/organizing.

But here it is right now. The stuff laying in the middle of the floor is in the process of being organized and moved to where it goes.

Here is where the majority of the organizing took place. This thing was just full of random STUFF. There is still random stuff, but it's not piled nearly as high as before.

I got one of the standing wrapping paper bins for my gift wrapping gear. And of course, my paper was too tall. So I couldn't use the lid part. But then I found a great use for it. All my bags and boxed I've collected and saved were just piled on the bottom shelf of this closet, so I put them all in there. Now I can see them all and they don't spill out when I open the door.

I'm hoping to get everything organized because I found some really cool inspiration pictures for this room. But I can't make it fun and cute until I have the hard work done!

Here is my progress on my goals for organizing the craft room:
  • Get rid of my Mary Kay supplies, or use them
  • Organize/purge bags & purses (3M hooks) - this is half way done, I purged some
  • Organize yarn shelf
  • Combine ribbon
    • New ribbons storage
  • Organize and donate shoes out of shoe bin
  • Come up with new window treatments/coverings
  • Go through/organize junk boxes (from moving in...)
  • Go through/purge nightstand
    • Possibly relocate nightstand
  • Purge/organize scrapbooks, etc.
  • Purge any shopping bags and what is inside
  • Get sewing stuff all in one spot
  • Organize gift wrapping supplies
  • Organize kid craft things

So excited for the 5 things I could cross off my list. It feels so good to cross things off a list!

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