Wednesday, January 29, 2014

YOEP :: January :: Procedures

My first project on our project of emergency preparedness was about procedures and things I should know. I found a lot of good links.

It seemed that had a lot of good information a wide range of situations. I went there for most of my researching.

I really liked this list of what to do during and right after an earthquake. Since I didn't grow up in earthquake country, I didn't know a lot of this information. My brain always thinks about tornadoes and thunderstorms.

I love this link to a bunch of different checklists for emergency preparedness. It includes lists for the situations, kits, plans, and much more. I spent quite a bit of time on just this page.

A list for making an emergency and evacuation plan. We used this checklist to make our emergency evacuation plan. I'm sure I'll add more to it and will have a little binder that includes much more information about our family and home.

I also found an article from Your Own Homestore about some thrifty ways to prepare for an emergency. These were some really great ideas that I hope to put into action soon.

Let me know if you've seen any other great resources for getting the basics and essentials ready for emergencies. I'm still a little overwhelmed with everything I've found. But I'm hoping breaking it down into smaller steps will help me conquer the intimidation I feel.

February's challenge: Storage space & Important Documents

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