Monday, January 13, 2014

Motivation Monday

Sometimes Most of the time I run out of motivation pretty quickly. Usually a really great phrase or quote helps me remember to stay motivated. And depending on my goal, I use different types of phrases, words, or quotes.

I found this quote on Pinterest a couple days ago and it really spoke to me. I often get discouraged because things don't go according to my plans. I liked this quote because it's a new way for me to think about my attitude. It's not the usual quote you hear about changing your attitude to change your perception.

Even though something is thrown into my life unexpectedly (and probably unwanted), I can work with it. Why work so hard against something that is already happening and that cannot be reversed? I need to find a way to work with it and make the very best of the situation.

Mondays are a good time to get motivated since that is the beginning of my work week. What better day to get motivated and ready for all that lies ahead?

Any ideas to share with me about how you motivate yourself?

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