Monday, June 4, 2012

Yard Work

Early in May we decided to venture into the jungle that was our yard and try to tame some of the things growing in there. We decided to just rip everything out of the flower beds...because there were only ugly little bushes. And I eventually want flowers there. So we got to work digging up bushes. I also trimmed the other bushes in our yard.

Here is a tiny area that was full of weeds. Steven got all the weeds out before I could get a "before" picture. But it's a cute little rose bush. So far this year it's only shown us two little roses.

Here is the flower bed right by the bottom of our front stairs. You can barely even tell there were little bushes in there. But there were, amongst all the jungle of weeds.

Me trimming with an electric trimmer we borrowed from our neighbors.

This has the potential to be very scary!

About half way through the flower bed.

Here is the flower bed after all the hard work. There is still some weeds just to the left of this picture. But we got tired. And we are trying to decide if we want to keep the rocks or not. We're not worrying about the weeds between all the rocks right now. We're not THAT ambitious.

It looks SO much nicer. Steve did most of the work, and I usually helped as a lever when we needed to get a particularly stubborn bush out. We aren't sure that any flowers will get in there this year, and I'm okay with that right now. :D


  1. It looks great! I love doing yard work because you can see a difference immediately.

  2. Just spray some roundup in between the rocks to keep the weeds from growing there and to kill the existing ones. Looks like a lot of work! Fun to see all your posts and pics!


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