Friday, June 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Can I just say... this new set up of Blogger is very annoying and harder to work with. URG.

Anyway!! Guess what?! Christmas is back. Christmas in June. I know, it's exciting. It's just me being on vacation. And during our down time today when we were too tired of walking around, I will catch up on all our blog activity! :)

So here is Christmas pictures. I don't know that I have much to say. It looks fun to me. And we were back in Indy!! :D

Our Gingerbread Houses

Getting our nails done. Girly time!

Steve was being "sneaky" and taking pictures while we were making the cookies.
(I think he was just really excited to eat them, and was waiting nearby to get a quick bite when they were done.)

Steve really enjoys shooting and being manly when we comes out. That is something he does not get to do alot in Utah.

I know - my stance is pretty professional.

YAY! Our cute gift from Sarah and Jeremy family. Excited to paint and finally get all our wall decorations up.


The Fam - I feel like I look like a giant in this picture.

Mom and girl!

No, I did not get Steve a surround sound system for Christmas. This is actually from a little before Christmas (one of the times Steve had strep throat last year.) He got a free surround sound system for his 5 years of service working at America First Credit Union. It was either that or camping gear... you obviously see what we value...

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