Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The rest of Philly

Now it's time for the rest of the things we saw in Philly.
 I won't lie, I cannot remember what this is at all...

 Ok, these were the COOLest! Maybe that's just my nerdiness coming out because I work in a Disability Office. But it's a small version of the city, so blind people can feel the layout of the city and find their way around easily. I mean, I was there for a Disability conference!! I had to nerd out over this for a few minutes.

So cool!

Where Alexander Hamilton's house once stood.
 This was seen just while we were walking down the street, on our way somewhere else. When you see these little plaques you have to stop and read them because they could be something really significant, but you don't even realize it because it's just in a place nowhere near anything else historical.

 This was the Philadelphia History Museum. It was actually kind of lame, only because they were moving and remodeling. So there were two rooms. One (the size of half of our hotel room) full of a small timeline of Philadelphia, and the second being this giant room with a big map on the floor. Good thing THIS was free! ;) So we probably spent a good 10 minutes in here. But I'm sure it will be very cool when it's all finished.

Revolutionary War Monument
 War monuments always get to me. This one was very cool, with the ever burning flame for the soldiers and people that died in the Revolutionary War.

 The tour guides educated us. The above picture is actual cobblestone. The picture below is NOT cobblestone.

 As I mentioned, a majority of things in Philly are named after Benjamin Franklin. So we naturally decided to go to Franklin Ice Cream. It was a yummy vintage-y place.

 These really old boot scrapey things were outside like 90% of the buildings and houses.

 We went to the Consitution Center and saw a cool presentation, and saw lots of cool things in the museum there. Again, we were not allowed to take pictures inside. But we WERE allowed to take pictures in the Signer's Hall. WooHoo!

So we got into some deep discussion about the Constitution with some of the signers of that document.

Me and Benjamin Franklin!!

Some signers deep in discussion

We even got to SIGN the Consitution!! We got a certificate that says we signed it and everything.

There were three dissenter representatives from the country that did not sign the Consitution. This guy is quite the thug. He ain't signin' nothin'!!
President George Washington
 Mr. President even oversaw all those that signed the Consitution.

 We probably passed Ben Franklin's burial place every day that we were in Philly. But there were always 1,452 people around it. So we waited until a time it was less crowded. It was really neat because it's tradition for you to throw pennies on his grave. The pennies get collected regularly and they are donated to a local hospital.

This is a view from a different entrance into the cemetery where Ben Franklin was buried. I just love all the history you can see here. The graves are so different.

There are all the odds and ends we saw in Philadelphia. :)

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