Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy Philadelphia

Tuesday in Philly was very rainy, all day long. We still went to see a few things, despite the wet feet from all the puddles we had to walk through.

Here is the courtroom in Independence Hall. The coat of arms is there above where the judge sits. All the furniture in Independence Hall is most likely not original, but from the same time period.

 That area with the jail bars around it is where the defendent stood when they were on trial. The defendent was not allowed to sit all during the trial. The guide we had said that he's heard that that could be where the phrase "stand trial" came from.
Where the defendent stood
 Here is the room where all those important documents were signed!! It was very cool to be in that room where such amazing events took place. There was Thomas Jefferson's actual walking cane there, and another signer's pipe there. The chair on the platform is where the president (George Washington) would sit during the proceedings.
There was a golden sun on his chair. I thought it was interesting that it was so similar to the sunstone we see on the Nauvoo Temple. But I think it was Thomas Jefferson that said he would ponder on that figure of the sun a lot. He always wondered if the sun was setting or rising. He said, after they signed the Constitution (I think), that he now saw that the sun was rising. We had such insightful leaders.
Independence Hall

I won't lie...can't remember who this statue is or what his significance is. His last name was Barry. And he was on the grounds of Independence Hall. :)

The Benjamin Franklin Library...on Library Street. :) Another thing I loved about this city was all the statues. There are TONS of statues all over the city...and probably half of them are Ben Franklin. Also, pretty much everything is named after Ben Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin Library

On one of our tours of the city, the guide told us that there are two parts of Philly. There is Historic Philadelphia and Downtown Philadelphia.

Like I said...statues everywhere. Even though that first one creeped me out, I loved seeing them. It just added to the historical aspect of the city.

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