Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rennaisance Faire

We went to a Rennaisance Faire in May and it was so fun! (I'm not sure that I spelled it right, but I'm too lazy to check it.) We may not go again, but it was a cool experience anyway. I mostly only wanted to go for two reasons: 1) The Horse Vaulters and 2) Jousting.

Here were the Horse Vaulters. It was girls doing cool jumps/moves while on horseback. They were really great and fun to watch! So much talent and it was amazing to think of the skills they have!

I got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow.
 Here is the knight we were cheering for in the jousting competition - Sir William. Their horses were trained just for this and were usually retired war horses. They had great talent too. And they really got into character and gave a flower to a girl they would win the joust for.

I think the knights actually ended up tying in the joust. They also did some other sports/contests that were done in those days. They rode a horse with a spear and tried to hit a bullseye. They also put a helmet on a man, put a cabbage on top of the man's head, and rode toward him to cut the cabbage in half. They really did it!!! I couldn't get a picture of those things because we sat at a weird angle and wouldn't be able to see over the other people.

Queen Elizabeth came to see the jousting.

The knights were suiting up!


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