Saturday, November 2, 2013

Post-Halloween Relaxation

YAY for November! One of my favorite months. *sigh*

As much as I truly enjoyed making this Halloween super magical, I also have enjoyed the two days following it. So much relaxation and secretly planning next year. hehehe. Just kidding. But kind of not kidding. I did some quick adding up and I am pretty sure I did this entire Halloween for under $30!! Great, right?! I'm quite amazed. However, that does not include the candy.

Since that is all over, we decided to try out a new dinner recipe. It's not really new, just a twist on a classic. A grilled chicken cordon bleu sandwich. Since chicken cordon bleu is pretty much the only fancy meal I actually like, we decided to give it a shot. It seemed a little less intensive than how it's usually made.

Here is the link to the recipe on All Recipes. The only thing we changed was that we used shredded chicken. I'm sure it probably would taste different with actual deli sliced chicken, but oh well. Chicken is chicken, right?

Can you tell how much I am NOT a photographer? Yeah.

Anyway, it was pretty good. We'd try it again for sure. And maybe we'll actually use deli chicken next time to see the difference.

Now we are going to go to a Jazz game in a hospitality suite! SWEET, RIGHT?! Steve is only a little bit excited. ;)

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