Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back to studying

After I graduated with my bachelor's degree, I never thought I would go back to school. I was done and tired of school work, tests, and papers. Then a few months after I graduated, I saw the description for the Master of Professional Communication at Weber State University and actually thought the classes looked enjoyable.


After denying it and then going back over it and running in circles in my mind, I realized I loved learning. Like book learning. I love school. It's hard, but I love it. You could say that I have a strong penchant toward learning. ;) And I realize it's a blessing to love school because so many people have had terrible experiences in educational settings.

Ultimately, I decided to take the GRE and apply to that Graduate program. I got this Kaplan GRE prep book and have been making random flashcards for vocab words and math concepts. It hurts my brain because these are not the things I want to learn. But it's required for applying. Boo.

I've been studying away off and on for a few months. I took a practice test and did "average" on the scores. I'm not super worried about passing. I think I'll be fine. But I'm very nervous. It's a test scheduled to be 4 1/2 hours long, people! My brain will probably ooze out of my ears when I finish. I take the test this Friday, so you probably won't be hearing from me until after then.

I often make this face when I realize how close the test is...

In other news: I'm really enjoying my shirt today. :)

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