Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful Tree

I say it every year...but Thanksgiving is such a great holiday! I love it so much. It's the best holiday to help me regain my perspective.

Instead of doing the daily grateful posts on Facebook, I decided we will make a little Thankful Tree in our home. Since I already have a little tree decoration in my house, why not try it out!? My roommates and I used to have a Thankful Wall with Turkey hands in college. Anytime we thought of something we were grateful for, or friends that came in wanted to add something, we just wrote it on a post-it and stuck it on the wall. It was so fun and we loved seeing the wall full of thankfulness!

I saw these great ideas on Pinterest and wanted to try it out:
I got the idea for the Thankful Tree from here are Crafts Unleashed.
I got the free leaf stencil from here at Plain Jane.

I stenciled and cut out those leaves in fun fall colors. I used my 1 3/4" circle punch with the same colors for a bunch of circles. Then I punched holes and used some fun orange yarn to make little ornaments. As the month continues we'll write things we are grateful for on the circles and hang them on the tree we have.

I just tucked the leaves where ever they would stay on the tree. Then I'll hang the circles on where they look good.

The first thing I put every single time I do something like this is indoor plumbing. :) Seriously. I'm very thankful for that.

Don't forget to count your blessings!

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