Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sa-weet Jazz seats!

Because Steve's department at work organized and ran this seminar for a lot of managers, he was given some awesome seats for the Jazz game last night! Steve was mildly excited freaking out about it!!

Here is the view from our "suite" seats!! This was the first time we saw their new enormous jumbotron. So huge! And they had all these extra screens all around the entire court.

So excited!

Even MORE excited!!

I was trying to get a shot of the cool eating area in the suite behind us. Obviously that didn't happen.

Proof that these are the suites we were sitting in.
It was so fun and we got free dinner and dessert. It was a real treat to get to sit up in the cool people seats. And I finally got to meet all of Steve's co-workers, so that was fun too.

Anyway - that was awesome and fun! Maybe someday we'll get another chance to feel that cool again.

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