Thursday, December 12, 2013

Salt Lake at Christmastime

We finally got down to Salt Lake to see the lights. It was freezing cold, so we saw everything quick and got the usual pictures.

Ooooh phone pictures...

Can we talk again about how my phone will randomly add cool things to my pictures? It's one of the reasons I keep using my phone for pictures...I have never seen this feature. Yet, when I was uploading pictures for this post, this snowfall just showed up on the picture!! I originally took this picture because of the really cool mohawks the sheep had.

Because it was so cold, the water had a really cool fog over the nativity.

Not only did we see the lovely lights, our neighbors were kind enough to give us tickets to the huge Christmas concert with the Mormon Tabernacle choir and other special guests. We were so excited because we have been trying to get tickets to this concert for years, and we were never lucky enough to get chosen.

This year the guests were Deborah Voigt and John Rhys-Davies. Deborah Voigt is an internationally known soprano - it was pretty amazing to hear her voice. John Rhys-Davies is a British actor. You may remember him from Indiana Jones or The Lord of the Rings. He was narrator for part of the concert.

Seeing that amazing organ solo by Richard Elliot really inspired me. Now that I've started playing the organ, I really want to learn it well. His solo was incredible!!

After I took this picture, we realized that we were in the balcony and our tickets said terrace. So we got to move even closer!

My phone did all the work for me again. I'll take it. Here are many of our attempts to take a good picture. I like that it progresses from regular smiles to really excited smiles. Enjoy that!

What a lovely night we had together enjoying music, good stories, and the Christmas spirit! 

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