Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year :: New Goals 2014

We all get in the goal-setting mood at this time of year, yes? Well it's upon me again. However, I've been in the goal-setting, motivational mood for about a month. I've just been a bit busy with work and church Christmas things that I haven't been able to do anything about it. I've just been stashing ideas away in my brain and hoping I don't forget anything.

I figure I should look back and review how I did on my goals for 2013. 
Here were my goals for 2013:
-Keep a cleaner/more organized home. - Eh, not much improvement here.
-Make more lunches at home for us to take to work.
-Keep doing the dinner meal plans each week.
-Follow our stake goals: 1 Christian act per day, arrive to church meetings 10 minutes early, and study scriptures for 15 per day.
-Do something active to help me feel healthier.

Well, I don't know that I followed all of these throughout the entire year. But I know I did all of these at some period of time during the year. I know for a fact we did much better at being a bit more active (thanks to an assignment to go on a 3 day hiking/camping trip with the youth in our ward). I did yoga at work with a friend for about half the year as well. But the second half of the year got away from me. Whoops.

We also did pretty well on planning meals and taking more lunches to work. There is still room for improvement, but I feel we did much better.

Here are my goals for 2014:
-Keep my kitchen clean.There are many things that go into this goal. But our kitchen often just gets overtaken with dirty dishes all over the counters. I usually blame this on our lack of a dishwasher. (Oooh, how I long for a dishwasher.) However, I know plenty of people that also do not have a dishwasher and keep their kitchen clean every single day. So I have no excuse....except that I hate doing dishes more than nearly anything else in the world.

-Do some sort of physical activity at least twice per week. I don't care what this activity is...but something. Through some funny circumstances, we got a treadmill for free! And it works great. We are very excited about this so we can walk inside and we don't have to breathe our dirty winter Utah air.

-Drink at least one water bottle of water per day. This may seem silly for most people. But I really don't enjoy water. People say, "but it doesn't even taste like anything!" But it does to me. And it's not my favorite. But it's good for me (if only that logic helped me with my picky eating) and helps me feel better about myself if I ever start to count calories again. (Which I won't because it's really discouraging for me.)

-As time and funds permit, I want to get things done in the house, DIY style. We are currently saving up for new windows, which will hopefully help with how drafty our house is. And I need to paint, upcycle, and plan some things.

These are my biggest goals/resolutions. These are parts of and include many other smaller goals. Obviously I want to lose a little weight and be healthier in general, and I want to have an immaculately clean home all the time. But we are trying to make goals attainable so I don't get too stressed and upset when failure happens...because it almost always happens at some point.

But if there is one thing I needed to hear at church today, it was that we do not need to be perfect today. We just need to be trying to improving every day. And I think we are all doing that as best we can.

Have a happy new year!!!

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