Saturday, July 10, 2010

Too much yummy vacation food

As usual on vacations, we went out to eat WAY TOO MUCH! We went to my favorite pizza place probably 5 times while were there. It was somewhat ridiculous, but I had to get my fill before I left for a long time again!
Above is me, Steve, and our niece Rachel.

This is our nephews Brayden, David, and my mom.

Brayden and David being silly...

Jacob hadn't had a nap that day, and of course, he fell asleep on the way to pizza. So we brought him in and let him zonk out in the booth next to us. Luckily, it wasn't really crowded, so we didn't have to move him.

Did I mention that Steve and Rachel are new best friends. She loved hanging out with Steve this vacation. And I think the boys had fun with him too. He played soccer, basketball, and frisbee with them a lot of the time we were there. I think they really enjoyed having Uncle Steve, a "big kid," around to play with. ;)

Steak N Shake
We also went to one of my other favorite places. Steak N Shake!!! I crave their cheese fries all the time!!! They are just so yummy!!! And they have really yummy shakes. (In Indiana, shakes are what you drink. Like a milkshake.) Steve isn't always a fan of the fries, but he endured a few trips there too! What a guy!

Then one of my family's favorite restaurant to visit is called Dave's. It's a really patriotic place, and there's a ton of military statues all over. There's also a sports room. But that room was closed when we went there.

But here we are in the patriotic room. :)

This "complaint department" mousetrap was on the checkout counter. We were telling Steve to push it, and it took a while for him to try it. haha. Nothing happened, but he definitely jumped a little. It gave us a really good laugh to remember the first time I tried and jumped really far back!
(ps. At the bottom it says, "To complain...PUSH red button."

Steve even posed with one of the statues. :) Enjoy that face... heehee.

We also went to my other favorite place called Frostbite. It was so yummy, and they have super yummy shakes too! But we only went there a couple times because it's an outdoor place. We didn't feel like sitting outside and sweating much. It was a TOUCH humid a few of the days we were out there.


  1. That face that your nephew is making in the silly picture is soo you hahaha

  2. Wow...did you gain any weight? I know I would have!!


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