Sunday, July 25, 2010

Other random vacation activites.

So I realized I never put the rest of my pictures up from other little activites from our vacation. As you may have guessed, we spent lots of time with family just hanging out.

One night we went bowling. I was really sad because my camera died after I took these first few pictures.

Brayden throwing a great one right down the center.

Steven has impecable form.

David had a really cool strategy when he rolled his ball. But I just couldn't time the picture right to get it on here.

Ok -- maybe Jeremy is the one that has the impecable form.

This is the picture of my victory face after my strike (notice the tv screen above me). Usually I'd look more excited. But it was more VICTORY than excitement.

These two pictures were actually taken right after we got home from Monical's and Jacob had passed out in the booth next to us. When grandma brought him in, she carried him in the door, set him down, and he instantly crumpled to the floor and asked for his "hoft blankie." And he finished his nap in the middle of the kitchen floor. :)

One day, my mom and I were making watchbands while we were hanging out, and Rachel and Jacob helped... and then showed them off for us. (I'm not sure if Jeremy will approve of Jacob wearing the only pink one.)
Jacob and grandma being cuties.

We got to go see Jersey Boys too! It was a good show (minus the profanity that was making us flinch every 2 seconds for the first act). But I LOVED hearing the music. And I also enjoyed the man behind us saying, "What'd he say??" half the show. And also the old women freaking out when the Frankie Valli character sang a song. It was alot of fun.
And I know it looks like a girl's night, but Steve was there too. :)

We also decided we need to go to the NCAA Hall of Fame to show Steve. It was fun, but also a little disappointing. Apparently they had a fire a while ago, and a bunch of the museum had burned. And from what I remember from my field trip there in middle school, it was the coolest part! So we got to see some stuff, but not really like the part I considered the actual "Hall of Fame."

Steven showing off his mad skillzzz.

This was us getting in the car at like 4:30 in the morning to get on our flight home. (Thanks for the earliest flight ever recorded, Mom.)
Then us when we got home and plopped on the bed and slept for a few more hours.

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