Saturday, July 10, 2010

***4th of July***

It's time to catch up on our vacation. There will be separate posts for different activities. If I didn't, this post would be 5 miles long. So I hope you enjoy!!!

Well, the 4th of July is my VERY FAVORITE holiday!!! It used to be because I loved lighting fireworks and making smores. Then it was because I loved the fireworks show my dad puts on every year. Now it's all of those reasons - plus I love my country!!!
But I can't say that it has lessened my love for the fireworks!!! :) Here are pictures of all the fireworks my dad bought for his show this year. It doesn't seem like alot because you can't see them all at once. But it A TON!

We decided to mass produce smores again. So here's a picture of me using the rake to make them. I know it looks unsanitary, but I'm sure it made it taste all the better! No one died or got sick, so that's saying something.

This is me, my mom, and my nephew Jacob. He was the crack up of our trip. He was hilarious!

And here's Jacob's mom, Sarah. He thought he needed these earphone things so it wouldn't be so loud. But I think Sarah ended up wearing them by the end of the show. :) It did start getting pretty loud.

I didn't try to take any pictures of the fireworks because it's never worked out well with my camera anyway. But Steve did video most of the show. So if we ever figure it out, we'll try to get a video of the finale on here. :) I hope your 4th was just as fun as ours!!!

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