Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So excited for Fall!

Autumn - Fall - Halloween - Leaves - Pumpkins - Chilly - SO EXCITED!!

Every year right after our anniversary, I convince myself that it's getting cooler outside. (It's not.) I just get so excited for Fall and everything associated with it that I convince myself that the heat is still hot, but it's a cool heat. Anyone else? Or am I the only really crazy one about this? I don't care if I am. :)

If any of you follow me on Pinterest, you've noticed lately that there have been a large amount of Harry Potter party ideas being pinned to my board. I started a tradition last year of making our little entryway into a cool Harry Potter spot for the tricker treaters. It was so fun to make all the crafts and just be creative in ways I've never been before.

So, as you can imagine, I will be doing this again! I figure I'll just add bits and pieces every year. Soon I'll be that weird, crazy lady on the block that has like an entire Harry Potter land in her yard for Halloween every year. And I'm fine with that.

If you'd like to see my Harry Potter Halloween from last year, you can see the finished product HERE. Just looking at it makes me antsy to start some crafts for this year!

When I was out shopping with my mom earlier this summer, we found these!

Are you kidding me right now? Hedwig and Pigwidgeon just made their grand entrance into my life. Also, they're kind of fun to have hanging out in my craft room currently.

I'm also planning on making some spiders to either put on my house or on the yard, some colored jars for potion ingredients, some more dementors that look cooler, a more realistic sorting hat, and MUCH MORE. I also plan on getting/making some sort of silly Harry Potter pregnancy shirt. Not sure what will be on it yet. And I am going to try and do it all for as cheap as possible. I think last year I only ended up spending like $30 or so. That's a huge win considering how much I actually made.

I'm making myself too excited. I need to go do other things now that my summer semester of school is out! YAY!

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