Friday, April 4, 2014

Chunky Crochet Basket

Hey friends! As most yarn crafters do, I have an enormous amount of small yarn balls that are left over from previous projects. What to do with these? Where to store them? Why won't they stop rolling all over the place?!

Problem solved with this cute chunky crocheted basket!

Chunky Crochet Basket

I saw this cute chunky yarn basket over at All About Ami. She had seen and used the free pattern at Crochet In Color, created by Liz. I happened to have some extra chunky yarn from a project from probably 3 years ago. There wasn't enough to make a fun scarf, and there were two different colors.

I decided to give this crocheted basket a shot, simply because it looked cute, it would use up some yarn in my stash, and it would be a cute storage spot for some small yarn balls. All kinds of great things in one project! Liz does suggest you use two strands of yarn at the same time. It would make it stiffer so it would keep the shape. As I mentioned, I would not have had enough of these colors to do two at once. Even though I knew it would be a little flimsy, I decided to do it anyway. It would still serve its purpose.

Chunky Crochet Basket

I ran out of the pink (as you can see). When that happened I was glad I decided not to try the two strands at once. Even though it's a little lumpy in spots, I'm enjoying the end result and storing some smaller yarn balls in the basket. I have some other chunky yarn that I'm planning to make a blanket with. But if there's any left over, you know what I'll be making. :)

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