Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One of the best parts about the holidays is getting to be with friends and family a whole lot!!!

We got to see aunts and cousins! (And now Jenny had her baby and I can't wait until we can meet HIM!)

Of course, we had a meeting of friends at Monical's! That was a heap of fun! The 3 Amigos!

And friend! [hehe]

Then when we were leaving Monical's another night, we randomly saw THESE GUYS!!! That was awesome!
The night before we left we played Just Dance and then decided to take some fun pictures!

(I LOVE that sweet little grin with the slightly Asian looking eyes! Wait... a blonde Asian??)

The boy that amazes me with how he's grown. I think it's just because he was the first nephew, and I remember back in the day when he was just born. And that's weird, like whoa.

The girl that gave me a FANTASTIC manicure with sparkly nail polish.

The boy that cracked us up with his jumping bean feet when we plays video games. Sooo silly!

Oh, family!

And this is the nerd brother. [teehee] I think he was trying out our new camera and the front screen thing where you can look at yourself.

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