Monday, September 20, 2010

State Fair

It's weird because in Utah, the state fair is in September. So going to the state fair and eating a lot of junk was my birthday present. Yippee!!! Will and Kristin came with us too. Sadly, I think my camera died -- or I just forgot to take a picture of us because I was so excited to EAT! But we saw a hypnotist that was HILARIOUS. We saw a few minutes of a seal show. And a few minutes of an exotic animal show. We saw all the animals and some of the 4-H stuff. It was fun, and oddly not as different from Indiana's state fair as I thought it would be. But they didn't have the train to ride around in. :(

So here is Kaydence being not so sure about petting the baby cow. I think she eventually did pet it.

And then we went to the ride part. The ride part was never really my thing when we went to the fair. But I know that the rides and games are the main reason other people go. So Will and Kristin wanted to take Kaydence on this HUGE slide. There was a bigger one, but this was the kiddy one -- which was still huge.

And here they come! I think they ended up going on this like 6 times because Kaydence did like it alot!

OH! Also - I turned 23. YAY! My neighbor made this cake for me. And I felt special because she said she usually hates making cakes for people. And those fun candles were all different colors when we lit them. It was really cool. My camera did die for that sadly.

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