Monday, September 6, 2010

Family Cabin

So Steve's extended family has this cabin in Idaho that we use for reunions and gatherings of all types. It's pretty handy and alot of fun! So over the summer our little Harkness family went up there for the 24th of July. Here we are doing some cleasing masks.
[I looked pained because my face was too stiff to smile all the way.]

Steve's brother Will has a little dunebuggy thingy that he brings up to ride around when we go up there. It's alot of fun. Kristin was lending me her helmet so I could have a cute one. But if you can't tell ... Kristin has a little bit smaller head than I do.

This is me doing my "Hi. My name is Chubby." story.

Then later in the summer we went up to the cabin for an extended family gathering. One of our uncles has four wheelers and all kinds of manly toys. So he brought those up and we were convinced that going on a four wheeler trip up the mountain would be a great idea! However, we didn't plan on this and all I brought for shoes was flip-flops. And I only had shorts, no pants.
The trail was INSANE about 15 minutes into the trail I was scared for my life! We were literally on the side of a mountain and the trail's tire tracks were on two different levels. I thought we were going to roll down the mountain. And then on the way down we almost ran into another couple of people coming up the trail. Needless to say, it was a one lane trail and it was fun trying to get out of it.
So we ended up really dirty and my legs got VERY scratched up. Steve's leg got a little burned from being by the engine that was really hot.

Even Steve's teeth got dirt all over them! Gross, right??? I guess we know he's a mouth-breather.

Yay for dirty faces, feet, and teeth!

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