Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We met Rita Moreno!

I almost forgot to post this. A weeks or two ago, Steve and I got tickets to see Rita Moreno in concert at the Layton Amphitheatre. IT WAS SO. STINKIN. AWESOME. She was such a great performer, and sooo hilarious. She has fun stories, and we learned alot of information about the early years of broadway from her experiences.

And she's fantastically beautiful and still performs so great for being 77 years old!!! AWESOME!!
So, yes. We stood in the giant line after the show just to get her autograph. I thought it'd be cool since I played Anita in West Side Story in high school. Then I could say that I got the original Anita's autograph! Right? I know!!!

Here's me and my new BFF Rita Moreno. Yeah. Watch out.. we're going on tour together. :)

I also think it'd be funny to share that she was nervous to have her glass of wine in the picture because she said she knew she was in "Mormon country." HAHA! Ok, well it was funny at the moment. And she said she changed some of the words to her songs since she was in Utah. I thought that was silly.

Once again, it made me yearn to be on stage! Also, I was recently reading a friend's blog, and she was saying how she got so sad, pained, etc. when watching people perform in movies, shows, etc. I can totally relate! I started going to school for theatre education... but I knew it wasn't what I needed to be doing after a couple years. However -- my heart aches to be performing again. I definitely wouldn't change any decisions I've made so far in my life, but I guess I need to find another creative outlet... besides scrapbooking. That's just not the same.
So- our first experience meeting a famous person, and she was a Broadway legend!!! Hooray!!!

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