Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun

This semseter has been so busy that we really had to work to get carving pumpkins to fit in the schedule. It was really squeezed in. So here we are.

My stencil.

He's observing the damage.

Hard work!

Steve's bat.

My owl.


We were supposed to add twigs so it looked like my owl was sitting on a branch and like Steve's bat was hanging from a tree. But we were satisfied with them like this.
We also got some candles on clearance ON Halloween because we forgot to buy some earlier. And we were actually excited about them because they said they were supposed to "fog" when they were lit. Do you think that ever happened? No. At least they were on clearance.

Friends foreverrrr!

We went to Will and Kristin's for a party and I had to ask Kaydence to model her butterfly costume for me. It was pretty cute. It helps when you have a cute girl in the costume.And the wings.

Steve's work let them dress up the day before Halloween. He decided to be a tourist. We had another party that night where I dressed as a tourist too. But we forgot to get a picture. :( We were one hot couple, let me tell ya. [Don't you LOVE the socks with the flip-flops? Even though you can't see it, his socks are Mt. Rushmore socks. We put alot of thought into this!]

Hope you had fun collecting candy! :)

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