Friday, March 8, 2013

Pink Potty : Cabinets

Well, I believe that we have discussed the pink potty before. I think it was when we had just moved in. Since then I have been on a very slow journey to "update" this bathroom. I say "update" because I decided since we can't yet afford to just completely rip it all out, we can't officially update it. I have to live with the pink sink, tub, and toilet for a while. So I'm rolling with it and just "updating" it while keeping it a little vintage.

I'm sticking with the white/black/gray/pink colors. So I decided to kick out the preteen shade of pink and replace it with a more elegant shade of pink. Really, I just wanted it to match the pink of the toilet and tub.


I forgot that this was inside of one of the drawers. Pretty, right??

On its way:


So, there ya go! Much better. We found the cheapest handles we could at Home Depot and slapped them on. SOOO much better. Some of the old ones were like, fuzzy. Gross. Glad we got new ones. Except I just realized that the drawer handles are in two different places. Oh well!

So glad I did it and it only took me a few hours! I also only had to get two sample sized paint cans to do it all, and I have extra. So it turned out to be pretty cheap too!

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  1. I am sure your pink bathroom would be Mylie's favorite bathroom EVER. It would be her dream come true if WE had a pink bathroom... Looks good...and fuzzy handles? Yikes!


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