Sunday, December 2, 2012

Painting the Bedroom

Well it is about time we tackled painting another room. We decided to go for the bedroom a couple weeks ago. Since this is our house and we can choose any color - we went bold. I made sure it was a color we both liked, so then even if it was a little too bold, at least we wouldn't hate it too much.
Don't you loooove that sheet window treatment? Classy ... I know.

Yes, the little pillow says "Hello Sexy".

All of our bedding is old from my old bedroom, or my dorm things, or given to us by Steve's parents. The plaid one on top is the comforter I had all through high school. But NONE of the comforters or blankets we have actually fit our king size mattress.

The door on the left is to our little master half bath.


I LOOOOOOOVE this color sooo sooo much. I fell in love with it after the first wall was finished. We obviously have a lot to finish - put up our blinds on the window, paint the trim, do a second coat on the ceiling, my plan for the closet doors, putting up pictures and other things on the wall, and we're saving up for new lovely bedding.

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