Sunday, December 2, 2012

12 Days of Christmas to Christ

We finished with Christmas shopping really early this year! That is usually what happens. That never happens!! I had extra time and did some shopping online, and got most of it delivered. And it's all wrapped and under the tree.
Since we were done early with the gifts and material part of the holidays, I decided we should start a new tradition to really focus on the reason for the holiday season. A while ago I was on Pinterest and found a cute little Twelve Days of Christmas to Christ thing on LDS Living. Here is the site: 12 Days of Christmas to Christ. I liked it because it was Christ and gospel centered, but not exclusively Christmas-y. I think it will be a fun, new tradition that we can do every year, together and any future children.
So to make this all cutesy, I typed up all the little representations in a cute font. Then I cut out those slips, and cut out wider slips in cute Christmas paper. Folder the cute paper in half, stapled one staple on each side, hole punched the top corners, and strung some ribbon through the holes. Then I folded the paper slips into thirds (I think) and put it in the little pocket. I had some little numbers that I traced and colored in to show the days. I had cute little advent-ish ornaments. A sweet, new tradition to start in our new home.

I'll update about how it goes and what cool things we learn. I'm really excited!!
And here is our fake little Christmas tree in our cool front window in our first home!!! I love our tree and our collection of ornaments we decorate it with. I especially love our personalized Disney ornament so we can always remember that vacation.
I just have one more little ornament to make to make a memory of our first home, then it will be complete for this year.

I hope your holiday season is getting off to a great start! This is my favorite time of year, and I'm excited to celebrate it in our home for the first time!

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