Monday, February 20, 2012

So close!

We're closing on the house this week! We're hoping we'll be able to do it Wednesday and get the keys by the weekend so we can move on the weekend. But realistically we are looking at closing Friday and not getting the keys until early next week.

Either way, WE ARE EXCITED!!!

We went to our new ward yesterday and I immediately felt the Spirit with the first person we spoke to. They welcomed us in and told us how excited they were that we were moving in to their ward. They then immediately volunteered to help us move, whenever that is.

We had at least 10 different people/couples come up to us and tell us they were ready to help us and welcome us. We even had a man tell us that if we ever needed an extra car, they had one we could use! How sweet is that???

We've never had such a wonderful welcome in our previous two wards. I think it's because this ward is MUCH more established with older couples that have been living here for years raising their children. So a new couple is definitely unusual and exciting.

Nevertheless, we are SO thankful that our ward is loving and welcoming. I already feel "at home" with those people.

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  1. Yay! how nice to feel welcomed and appreciated!
    Maybe you and your parents will move on the same day!!!!


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