Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Closing another semester

The semester ends this Friday...then it's finals week. But I have two of my finals over the weekend, and then only one during actual finals week. I think I like that idea a lot!

I don't think you understand how READY I am for this school semester to be over! It was smooth sailing for the first half of the semester. Then all the presentations and projects started. I just turned in one of my BIG papers yesterday. That helped with alot of stress - and sleep...considering I pulled an all-nighter to write it. And I have another BIG paper due on Friday - but it's a bit easier to deal with writing.

Sadly, I am already stressing over NEXT semester!!! I have to do practicum hours to get work experience in my field. No biggie - I already have two options picked out that have both said it would be great for me to work there. BUT my work schedule depends on others' school schedule. And OF COURSE they are being normal students and waiting until the last minute to say they need transcribing for classes and stuff. So I'm stressing waiting to know what my work schedule will look like for spring. And I have to have all my practicum stuff finalized and ready to start BEFORE the spring semester begins.

Soooo...hopefully I'll know how that's going to work out in a couple weeks. I'm just trying reeeeally hard not to think about it at all until finals are over for me. Then I can get serious about it.

Well - THAT was fun to listen to, I'm sure.

Want something funny to hear?

I am LOOPY when I get no sleep. I already knew this, but I am always amazed at my non-sleep skills in classes the next day. I did not fall asleep or doze off in class at all. Except for when one teacher turned off the lights to watch a short movie.

Good times. I was rambling about the new phone I want to get. I was doing the robot at work. I laughed at EVERYthing. I think I was great entertainment for all my co-workers yesterday - that's for sure. Until about 4:00. It was sad. You would have thought I hadn't slept for 10 days. People were talking to me and I couldn't keep my eyes open. But don't worry! I slept for 10 hours last night! But I fell asleep in my class today. And I was still doing the robot this morning - and Steve told me, "You need to go back to bed!"

Also, I'm hoping it snows soon! That's weird to hear from me...but school is almost over, so why not?!?!

Also - BAZINGA...

10 Awesome Life points if you know what that's from. :)

I think the loopiness is still wearing off....

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