Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jazz vs Grizzlies

Well we can thank mom for an awwwwwesome Christmas gift! Jazz tickets! WOO! We were VERY excited!

This is all the players coming out. We had awesome seats. We were in a great spot because we were on top of the portal entrance into the court area. And we were in the front row, so no one sat in front of us! Very nice!

We even got to sit right under the retired numbers. John Stockton is one of the far left ones from where we were.

Half time score. ooooooh yeaaaah.

This was just a moment before Memot Okur scored! I hope I spelled that name correctly.

And this is the final. Well, maybe not the final, because there were 8 seconds left. Now I think this was the final score. Either way, we clearly won! Oh yeah. Take that, Memphis!

We had a blast! Even though I don't enjoy basketball out of all the sports, I really enjoy the game atmosphere. So it was alot of fun.
And although Steve wasn't as "enthusiastic" as he is when we watch it at home or something, I know he had a good time! He was walking faster than I've ever seen him walk so we could get in our seats before tip off. We even ran up some flights of stairs. And we had to walk much slower afterwards so we didn't pass out. Yes, that's how cool we are.
We even got to see the Jazz bear help a guy propose on the jumbotron! It was cute. (She said yes, by the way.) The rest of the game, we were wondering how much it would cost to have the Jazz bear come up to you help you and then to get it on video on the jumbotron. We came up the amount of, alot. :)

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