Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas 2009

Sorry. Updating this blog really takes alot of motivation for me!
Here's Christmas-y things for all the enjoy!
Sadly, there aren't many pictures. Especially of us. Sad. But also, it was a pretty normal Christmas with the fam!
So here's a really bad pictures of Santa at our ward Christmas party! Wooooo.

This is Christmas Day. Brennan got a very cute hat for Christmas. And it was sooooo cute! And for some reason he thought I was hilarious. (He probably just thought my face looks weird.) So he was laughing up a storm! So there were about 2039 cameras pointed at him. So here are Steve's pictures on our camera.
He's a little baby Newsie!

Is that smile not just cute??! So that was fun!
Other than Christmas with the fam, we went to 3, count them, 3, white elephant parties. One being with the family. I've never been to that many in one Christmas season before. It was fun!
I was definitely homesick this Christmas. But hopefully we'll be able to visit soon! I miss Monical's and Steak N' Shake!!! Oh yeah, and my family! ;)

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