Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching Up!

Well we've gotten a little behind on our blogging. But a few exciting things have happened.

The other day, Steve took me on a picnic. We bought lunchables and string cheese, and brought our capri suns! It was fun, and perfect weather. It was a little sprinkly, but we found a cute little gazebo type thing to sit under in the park we went to.
Yum yum! :)

There's kind of a picture of my haircut. But I'm going to post other cuter ones in a moment.

So for Christmas, Steve's grandparents got us an Amaryllis growing kit in a box. Kind of random, and we kind of forgot about it until a little bit ago. So I decided to plant it, and I thought it was too old to grow. But just when I was about to lose hope, I saw a tiny green leaf peeking out at us! So here's 2 progress pictures so far.
It seems like it has sort of stopped growing, but there hasn't even been a flower yet. They even have a chart on the box that has the progress it should be making around which weeks. And I feel like it should be just starting to flower now, but it's just leaves. But it does look just like the pictures on the box..

There will be more updates and pictures to come, but blogger is being lame and really slow. So it will come in pieces.

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