Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching Up! (cont.)

Well after many attempts to upload pictures and finally achieving success, here's some more pictures. :)
A few weeks ago, we had an awesome thunderstorm and it hailed! It was the best thunderstorm since I've lived in Utah! But it was sooo short. But I had to get a picture of this hail since storms are so rare.
Here's my haircut. I like it alot! So much easier to do and take a lot less time!

Alright. So it's storytime...
Our bed is king size. And since we've lived in this apartment, the only thing that fits in our bedroom is just the bed and the nightstands. I've HATED having our dresser in the other room. It's not that far away, but it really just bugs me!
Lately, Steve and I have been talking about pushing the bed into the corner so the dresser could fit. So while Steve was at work on Friday, I got really ambitious and started to clean out the bedroom so we could rearrange when he got home. Well I finished cleaning it out around 3, and he doesn't get home until 6. So I was thinking, "I'll just do it myself. No biggie."
Yeah, uh, soooo I CLEARLY did not help them move the bed IN when we moved into the apartment...but I extremely underestimated the weight of the mattress. I started to slide it off the boxsprings, and I was fine. Then I tried to lift it and lean it on the wall so I could slide it into the living room to move it. That was the moment I realized what I mess I got myself into. Niiiice...
I also wore myself out so much trying like, five times to lift the mattress, that I couldn't slide it back onto the boxsprings. So I just left it where it was until Steven got home. haha.
And I made quite a mess out of the living room when I cleaned out the bedroom drawers and under the bed.

Well those are our most exciting endeavors lately. Enjoy! :)

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