Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Steve's amazing talent

I know we've told some of you about Steven's awesome talent. But I don't think we've actually had him show it to you. So here is a small preview for whenever you get to see it! :)
I'm just trying to think of things to blog since we don't do exciting things with our lives ...yet.

We might move. Is that exciting? I told mom and Monica a bit about it. We found it on and it's amazing! Well from what I see. We'd actually have to see it in person to see if it really is amazing! But yeah. Because our lease ends in May, we've been apartment hunting. But the good thing is: even when our lease ends, we are still allowed to stay in our apartment and just pay month by month. Yeeeeah!


  1. I never would have believed it! It's a good thing you have pictures to document!!!!

  2. oh come on, who's the one with the talent? Can you do a shopping cart? A twelve foot ladder? I can!! Ha Ha Ha..


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