Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break

So this past week was spring break for WSU and what a spring break it was!!! We didn't have any cool plans...mainly because we don't really have extra money to spend to do anything cool.

Mom had gotten me this puzzle for Christmas because I was doing a puzzle over summer break to take up some time since I am such a bum. And we never did it and never did it because we didn't think it'd be fun. I only thought of them as time waster things or just something to do when you're bored.
Well, it was spring break and we were plenty bored!!!

Wednesday afternoon I got the puzzle out and we started it as a project together. It seemed better than just watching divorce court for 5 hours. At least this would challenge our minds.

On Thursday, I got really sick with sinus stuff. Then both of us were sick on Friday. So we worked Wednesday and Thursday, but not Friday because we were both too sick to care about it. Then we finished it last night! It was fun and we found a new free thing we like to do together!!!

We're going to start stealing...borrowing... Steve's mom's puzzles because she has alot.

Here is our finished product! :)

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