Monday, March 5, 2012


We are moved in and it was pretty easy. (Although I don't know that my hips/legs/calves/shoulders would agree.)

We started at 9:00 AM and were finished by 11:00 AM. MUCH quicker than I imagined it would be. We had plenty of help and we were so thankful for it - family and both wards helped. A big, fat THANK YOU to all that helped.

And I have never felt so welcome before! Our Relief Society brought us lunch and things to make Root Beer Floats! And cookies! And donuts! (Those are my favorite!) And then after church on Sunday our neighbors brought us some treats too. (Which we promptly devoured...) We are so grateful for the love and welcome-ness we have felt from our neighborhood and ward.

And because of Steven's connections with people in the ward, we have already been asked to sing. Sunday it is! But we are glad to share our voices because, need I say it, we LOVE singing! So we are more than happy to sing on Sunday. Now we'll just wait for them to ask us to speak... ;)

Did I mention that we adopted two kitty cats with our house? There was a food and water bowl already there, and cat food in the closet. So we adopted them and named them Tuxedo and Pretty. They're strays, so we aren't really into the whole petting and loving on them thing. But maybe some day. Although our ward neighbor mentioned they may not be there much longer, so not to get too attached. Either way, I don't mind them. :)

So we are settled in our giant mess of boxes, and totally loving it. It's so nice to be away from the busy road. And you wouldn't believe the view. I can't wait until family/friends come to visit us because we get a nice view of the sunset and lights in the valley-ish area.

Needless to say - loving our house and so grateful for our blessings!


  1. Hooray! Sounds like a wonderful change for you guys. Can't wait to visit!

  2. I'm excited to see your place! Good luck with the unpacking!


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