Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Puzzle-mania Summer!

Well, it's that time of year again. The time where we do puzzles to make sure we don't get bored and start saying the awful words, "I'm ready for school to start again." No one wants to hear that!

So we started with an oldie but a goodie, the frogs.

After we finished that puzzle, we decided our stash wasn't fantastic. So we went got a 5 pack box of puzzles. We were pretty excited! But then we started this one and realized that these puzzles may be lame because all the pieces look the same. They don't make it challenging and make the pieces look weirdish. But it's ok, it was still fun.
We just finished our third puzzle tonight. What a cute little Bambi.
Earlier this month, we decided to go help de-stress a small part of Vickie's life by helping weed her flower garden in front of her house. She has some pretty flowers planted out front, and weeds were definitely taking over.
We forgot to take a BEFORE picture, so this is like, HALF WAY picture.
ps. That huge green one right up on the house was the devil!!! It's roots spread throughout almost the entire garden!!!

Here is an AFTER shot.

Me pretending I'm not sweating. We were lucky there was a really pleasant breeze, so we didn't fry.

Me. Remembering why I hate gardening and weeding so much and killing the weeds.

Some daisies that Vickie got for Mother's Day. Also my favorite flower because they are so friendly!
So we invited some friends over from our old ward in the Terrace. They had just gotten the game Quelf and hadn't played it yet. So we told them to bring it over and we'd have a grand old time. We'd played that game with our family before and had a pretty good time. We decided Quelf is a combination of Cranium and Curses.
One of my challenges was drinking a glass of water from the opposite side than usual. So that was fun!
No. I don't look possessed or anything. Enjoy that...

In other news:
I just started the 5th book of The Work and the Glory series today. I've been blowing through them super fast. Sadly, I've been going so fast because I'll stay up WAY too late because I don't want to put the book down. And I have another book I need to finish before our trip to IN. I'm going to be a reading fool.
Also, we are all registered for school in the fall. Steve is pretty pleased with the classes he was able to get and the times. There's one class I'd like to switch to online, but it's already full. So we'll just hope someone drops it before school starts.
My training for my job is going well. It often frustrates me beyond belief, but I'm getting close to the end. I just need to keep working hard and push through the last few lessons.
Also! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO COME VISIT OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN INDIANA SOON!!!!! I'm freaking out a little, can you tell?!?! I believe the countdown is 4 and 1/3 weeks. Maybe I should put a coutdown on my blog? Why yes, I think I shall. :)

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