Tuesday, October 20, 2009



I thought that picture would wake everyone up! :) We will be playing catch up today because there's been no big events, so I never thought to blog about anything. But I realized it had been a long time since I'd blogged and decided to roll all the events into one big one.
So, obviously, Steve had an eye doctor appointment...
We went to a Saunders family reunion and took some fun pictures! :)

I had my 22nd birthday. This is that morning getting one of my favorite movies for a gift! Wee!!!

We played jenga!...kinda.
We had a family picnic and Miley just plain loves her Grandpa Harkness! And she is such a cutie!

Kaydence learned how to drive our car while we were there!

We observed some of Heavenly Father's wondrous creations. Although the drive up the mountain scares me and makes me think we're going to drive off the side of the mountain... it is always worth it to see the beautiful colors and mountains that Heavenly Father has given us to remind us of the beauty of the earth.

And once, while shopping, I saw REAL LIVE STIRRUP PANTS for sale!!! Holy kansas!!!

I have had some incredible testimony building experiences this weekend and have realized how wonderful this gospel of Jesus Christ is. It is full of promises of peace and blessings. It is true. I love Heavenly Father's plan of salvation, and Jesus Christ's atonement and sacrifice for us.
I love autumn because the colorful leaves remind me that I am loved and known imtimately by a loving Father in heaven.

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