Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun things we {LOVE}

Well this is kind of a silly post. But, again, we've done some fun things and wanted to share them. :) So we went to a Raptor's game, and had some stinky we left early. And got a 5 dollar slushie thing on the way out. It wasn't worth it. Oh well, good times!

I did a scrapbook day with Kristin again and did this cuuuuute picture that mom took of me and Rachel this past visit I had to Arkansas/Indy. This was at David's t-ball game. And it was too cute to pass up for a scrapbook page. This is now my other favorite page I've done. I love it!

Well, one day Steve and I had to go on campus and we passed the one place we used to walk by all the time. And then there was this STRRRRANGE piece of art. But when we looked at it long enough, all we could think of was "SEUSSICAL!!!!" So we HAD to take pictures with it because it was so wonderful! And i'm so glad we're going to have it on campus to walk by it all the time!

Have a good one! :)

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