Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Utah is a horrible horrible place.

Now, I don't really mean that. I guess what I really mean is that Utah weather is a horrible horrible problem here...

It is April 15th. Yesterday it was like...HOT. And now it's FREEZING!

Seriously? Is this really happening???
It is slightly resembling April 18th of last year.

This is like the same angle as my shot from today. Weirrrd...
Snow kills....save them!!! The institute needs those pretty flowers!!!

So I thought I'd share about my good friends that stand outside the institute and try to hire people to sell the living scriptures about this time every year. They have come up to me yesterday and today and tried to give me a piece of paper with their information on it about the living scriptures.

Yesterday, this was the conversation. Now, realize, I was sick yesterday. So I wore my pajamas and had my hair in a bun like, on TOP of my head. And I didn't look like a normal human being. And plus, it was morning... and you know how I interact with people in the morning...
The guy: Good morning! Living scriptures are hiring.
Me: No thanks...
The guy: Oh, well I like your outfit.
Me: Oh. Thanks? *walk away*

Then today, I'm going to class again and I knew they were there. I was trying to think of something witty to say. Nothing came...and this is what came out instead.
So the conversation goes forth like this:
The guy: Hi! The living scriptures are hiring. They're just across the street.
Me: ...Ok.
The guy: Well uhhh.... (he was clearly very articulate. good salesman.)
Me: I don't want it though... *walk away*
The guy: Oh. Ok...

It was great. Those people are annoying. Really annoying. Especially since the only time I seem to bump into them is in the morning. Good timing, huh?


I'm getting my engagements taken on Friday. And the extended forecast says it should be like 68 on Friday. Let's hope it stays that way!!!

Also, our institute show is on Friday and Saturday. It's a fully patriotic show and I'm kind of excited about it. Except for we're singing America (from West Side Story) and we have AMAAAAZZZING choreography for it. It's sensational!!! (Please note my sarcasm!) But the rest of the show should actually be really awesome. Sooo if mom and dad, or Jer and Sar decide to take a surprise trip out here for this weekend! Tell me and I'll get you a ticket!!! HA! In my dreams!


  1. I hear that arkansas has much better weather than Utah.
    PS we were going to make a surprise trip out, but then gas prices hit $7.97 per gallon.

  2. Utah weather SUCKS! Little info here - if it's spring and it's really warm one day and the wind is coming from the south - there is a storm coming. EVERYTIME!


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